Frederick Third-Party Liability Attorney

While workers' compensation covers any work-related accident caused by an employer or employee, despite which was at fault, there are many accidents and injuries that have been caused by or involve a third party. This can include independent contractors, product manufacturers or companies working with or in the vicinity of the employer.

These third-party companies or individuals that contributed to the accident should be held accountable also for the injury that you have suffered. I will help you recover the damages you are entitled to in these situations through a third-party liability suit.

Maryland and Hagerstown Third-Party Claim Lawyer

Workers' compensation claims do not provide benefits for pain and suffering that you have endured as a result of the accident. Third-party accident claims can help to hold those additional parties responsible for their role in the accident and provide the full financial compensation that you deserve.

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Frederick Third-Party Liability Attorney

These kinds of injuries vary widely but are generally in line with typical work-related injuries. There can be extraordinary circumstances, though, such as psychological trauma or cases of physical assault.

I will carefully evaluate your case and determine where fault lies. I will provide you with a clear and honest perspective on where your case stands, as well as all available options and alternatives. I am committed to helping you find the resolution that best fits your needs and helps to ensure that you are provided for after as you recover.