Frederick Occupational Disease Lawyer

Workplace injuries are not always caused by sudden and immediate accidents. Repetitive motions and actions can cause lasting damage and repetitive stress injuries. Occupational disease can also be caused by over-exposure to toxins and environmental factors such as asbestos and dust inhalation.

Occupational diseases are generally considered to be conditions or injuries that are directly related to the individual's job or employment situation. Because they are job-related, they are covered by workers' compensation. Those who suffer from occupational diseases are entitled to benefits covering medical treatments and lost wages resulting from the injuries and ailments.

Maryland and Hagerstown Carpal Tunnel Injury Attorney

Repetitive use injuries can include carpal tunnel syndrome and epicondylitis, caused by years of typing, sewing, computer mouse use or use of certain tools. Other will develop joint problems caused by pulling levers, working with power equipment or after much lifting and having to make awkward movements.

It can be difficult to link your injury to a work-related circumstance. The symptoms and injury from the exposure may not evidence themselves for as much as years. Also, employers may be quick to try and cast the blame on non-work-related activities.

As your lawyer, I will help to you establish the most solid claim possible, showing that the pain or limitations you are suffering is a direct result of work-related activities. This includes prolonged exposure to various substances and chemicals. I work with an extensive network of medical experts to provide the opinions and evaluations you need to strengthen your claim and establish the link to your vocation.

I will walk with you through the duration of your claims and any appeals processes that you may face. You can be assured that I will provide you a clear and honest understanding of where your case stands.

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