Frederick Supplemental Security Income Lawyer

Supplemental Security Income is a needs-based program, generally for individuals who have not worked long enough to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. This includes children and individuals who simply have not paid into the system through work for a sufficient period of time.

Frederick Supplemental Security Income Attorney

For more than 25 years, I have guided clients throughout Maryland through the process of applying for SSI and SSDI benefits. I am committed to helping members of the community find the benefits that they need to provide for themselves and their families.

To arrange a free initial consultation with a Hagerstown SSI attorney to determine where your claim stands and the options available to you, please contact The Law Office of Howard L. Metz, LLC, today at 301-363-4762 or toll free at 877-591-5645.

There are certain criteria that will determine if you are eligible for SSI benefits, including:

  • You must earn less than the amount set forth by the Social Security Administration
  • Your assets and resources must also fall below a certain threshold
  • You must meet the Social Security Administration's disability definition

The SSA will do a thorough evaluation of your assets and means to determine if you qualify for this program. I will carefully evaluate your situation and determine whether you are eligible for SSI benefits. After this review, I will give you an honest and straightforward understanding of where your claim stands.

There is the possibility that you can receive both SSI and SSDI benefits concurrently, so it is often advisable to apply for both programs. There are also certain factors such as the disability or death of a parent, which may cause you to be eligible for SSI benefits or even disability benefits based on a parent's earnings. As your lawyer, I will help you determine if this is appropriate for your situation.