Frederick Permanent Disability Lawyer

Injuries or disease can prevent you from being able to return to work in your original role or capacity. This threatens your ability to provide for yourself and for your family. There are benefits available to you in these cases that will help to cover you, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the nature of your injury.

The nature of disabilities and how benefits are awarded generally fall in three main categories:

Temporary disability — You are eligible to receive temporary disability benefits if you are unable to perform your job while undergoing medical care or going through the healing process from an injury or disease. This includes both instances where you cannot work at all or where you can only do part-time or light-duty work (which your employer cannot or will not accommodate), due to physical limitations and doctor's orders.

Permanent total disability — These individuals have suffered injury or disease that prevents them from returning to any employment in any capacity.

Permanent partial disability — This is granted to individuals who suffer a permanent condition but can return to some sort of work, either in a different job or in the same job but with some limitations or discomfort.

Hagerstown Temporary Disability Benefits Attorney

As your lawyer, I will carefully review the details of your situation to understand what options are available to you. This includes finding the necessary medical opinions and evaluations that will strengthen your claim.

For more than 25 years, I have assisted individuals throughout Maryland in getting the benefits that they need to provide for themselves and their families. I have experience with the necessary individuals and processes that make this happen, and I will do everything in my power to see you receive what you are entitled to. I will provide you with all the options available to you and help to decision that best meets your needs.

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